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“Krista Colthup actively supported, nurtured and guided our daughter through the somewhat overwhelming college testing, selection and application process. My husband and I felt that we had a close resource to draw upon and go to for that bit of “expert advice." Krista became our trusted advisor, in fact, for all things college. Our daughter has worked with her easily, having discovered that she could reach out via email and get a quick and helpful response to her question or concern. Krista’s ability to meet live, after school and in the evening, certainly eased the process along."
– a North Salem, NY parent

“We started out this process not knowing a thing about how to search for the right school, how to prepare our daughter for the SATs or any other of the myriad of other things that you need to consider when searching for the right school for your child. I can honestly say that the best decision we made was to bring you on board as our expert resource. We can’t thank you enough for the support, encouragement and advice that you gave to all of us. You were there for us when any of us had a question; you thoughtfully considered our suggestions and were a pure joy to work with.”
- a Stamford parent

"Krista was always accessible and very conscientious about keeping in touch with the parents, as well as the student.  She seems to understand high school students well, and is quick to establish rapport.  Krista was very helpful with the essays, from choosing a topic to cleverly paring down an overly long essay (without losing the "feel" of the essay)."
- a New Canaan parent

“Krista’s ability to understand the individual needs of our daughter made this stressful period easier for all of us. When our daughter was accepted at her first choice college, her first phone call was to Krista – they had formed not only a mentoring relationship but a close, personal bond as well.”
- a Darien parent

“Krista really understands the college bound student and forms a special bond with each and every student; my son had such a positive experience. Krista is patient and she empowers the students. She keeps them on track, gives them confidence during this process and always has time for the parents with their concerns and questions; there was never a delay in getting back to me if I called or e-mailed Krista. My son will be attending college soon and will be attending his first choice school; I have Krista to thank for her guidance, dedication and professionalism.”
- a Stamford parent

“Your services were priceless to me. I could only work with my son to a certain level. He continued the college application process with you, which made the journey a positive one for both me and my son. With your guidance he applied to the right colleges and he was able to choose the best fit for him. Thank you. We look forward to working with you again with my younger son.”
- a Wilton parent

“Krista has a no-nonsense, yet gentle way of shepherding her students through the practical and emotional aspects of choosing and applying to college. She has great respect for each student and customizes a plan that will be most effective and manageable. As a parent, it was a huge relief for me to simply enjoy the last year of my son being home while knowing Krista could be entrusted with such an important step in his life. “
- a Stamford parent



Krista Colthup

“Thank you so much for your time last week. My son really enjoyed meeting you and felt very comfortable. It is such a funny age of transition, shaky confidence and pressure. You bring a calm and secure vibe to the process.”
– a New Canaan parent

“I have to say that working with you was a fantastic experience for both the girls and us. You were so professional in your approach to their college search. You made sure that they took ownership of the process but at the same time provided much needed structure and encouragement. Your wonderful personality made the girls really want to work with you and you always encouraged them to find the college that was just the right fit for each of them. We plan on having our son work with you on his college search next year.”
- a New Canaan parent

"Krista is a true professional in her field, but more importantly she takes a personal interest in each student. She builds a relationship that encourages and guides the student. Her dedication and sincerity turns the college process into an individualized journey."
- a Stamford parent

“Krista Colthup is the answer to a parent's prayer, and that of a student as well! Informed, intelligent, patient and ever willing to give her time, Krista guided our son and us through the college application process. Although this was our fourth child, each child is unique. This son is an athlete and Krista recognized the special concerns of an athlete determined to play his sport in college. She analyzed his options and made recommendations. She assisted him in the self-advertisement necessary for athletic recruitment. Krista, with her warm, friendly and empathetic manner, encouraged and reinforced our son's academic and application efforts. Mother was able to take more of a back seat which is crucial in the child/parent relationship during the emotionally difficult senior year. Krista was recommended to me by a friend and I have referred her to other friends...pass it on!”
- a New Canaan parent

“You helped my child find the confidence and courage to make great choices. You gave us the peace of mind that he really could and did go through the college process successfully! “
- a Stamford parent

“Kids talk about how much they hated the college process and I never understand why they didn't like it so much. I loved it and then I realized that's because I had you. I actually used to look forward to going your house and talking. So thank you for making it so fun and enjoyable.”
- a Stamford student

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